An infusion of impudent beauty and cheeky femininity which flood in the pleasure of the wildest nights of Rio de Janeiro.

An invitation to drink a Maracuja Caipirinha for inexorably abandoning to the carioca groove and to the most libertine passions.

The fragrance opening surrounds the ambience with lime and sugar aromas while the heart embodies the exotic and transgressive soul of Brazil through the passion fruit, the ylang-ylang and the heliotrope.

The expression of desire and of the most explicit sensual energy is being screamed by the oriental base where amber, sandalwood and cachaça stand out.

Don't ask me permission

Fragrance Oriental/Fruity
Key notes Lime, Sugar, Passionfruit, Ylang-ylang, Sandalwood, Amber, Cachaca

Diary of Don't ask me permission

Into the groove of Rio I don’t want to think, I want to dance my life above the fire of passion.

Reckless, fatal free with no purpose, no regret.

Keep drinking because the night is waiting to take us and leave us lying on the sand with nothing else than our breaths.

Don’t let her wait because...

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