Brand Concept
The experience of a journey, in the essence of a memory.

Simone Andreoli is a name that defines olfactory compositions with memories of distant lands, imprinting reflections of a travel journal into every perfume, like the canvas of a painter or the stave of a musician.

The Journal tells of the constant wandering through the streets of the world which become individual areas, where olfaction becomes history, memory and emotion.

Its pages talk to us and, together with scents, guide us into our inner archive, leading us everywhere and to every place; sensory experience extends beyond skin and becomes a travelling depiction of distances and remote corners.

Perfume is the principal character, the narrator of stories that weave between written words and reminiscences thawed into a companionship of scents, where matter blends to lead us back to that forgotten beach or to the traffic of Wallstreet.

Travel is no longer simply a path to a place, but, rather, introspection, quest and knowledge.

So we sail blown by perfume to the most difficult and mysterious journey of all: the discovery of your inner self.

Our productive belief is based upon a fundamentalprinciple: research.

The raw materials used in the production are selected according to the most rigorous qualitative standards for granting to our customers a product of excellence, with no compromise.

We love creating perfumes with original olfactoryapproaches that are not affected by passing fashionsbut, rather, exclusively help identify one’s ownindividuality, setting oneself apart from anything thatis conventional and standardised.

We work tirelessly for all who wish to feel unique,sophisticated and are curious to experiment. We useperfume as an expression and extension of ourselvesand of our creative spirit, in order to identify ourselvesas urban individuals of the world.