Italian Heritage
Soul of excellence

Italian Heritage is a collection of fine fragrances that pays tribute to the particular beauties and the excellences of the Italian territory through its precious essences.
The travel journal of Simone Andreoli opens a new chapter, a range that traces a charming itinerary of exploration into the Italian peninsula. Every bottle is a tribute to Italy; its cities of art, its extraordinary landscapes, its people and its peculiarities.
From North to South, fragrances that evoke a land that inspired the world by leaving such an unforgettable mark in anybody. Living in this beautiful country means be part of an idyllic painting, portrait of a masterpiece of art which pulses creative energy.
Floor to Italy, in all its splendour and its outstanding charm celebrated by perfume, its voice. We bring a fragment of Italy to the world and we recall to Italians the value of that fragment.