An insatiable vice embraces sins of gluttony and lust with an intoxicating dark cherry that sinks impetuously on a creamy vanilla ice cream.

Accents of salty caramel crystallize, teasing the palate and drag mind into temptation.

A libertine sweetness enhanced by tonka bean, ylang-ylang and soft ambers sculpts sinuous shapes like sensual bodies that intertwine.

Vicebomb is the essence of the twilight vice; intense and overwhelming.


Fragrance Gourmande
Key notes Dark Cherry, Red Fruits, Salty Caramel, Vanilla Cream, Pink Sugar, Ylang-Ylang, Precious Woods, Tonka Beans, Amber


9:00 pm, Miami Beach prepares for the glamorous night and the fashionable clubs are filled with people.

An exuberant breeze blows on the Ocean Drive and the mind wanders towards provocative thoughts without knowing where it will lead.

City of vice, with endless nights and whirling impulses...

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